GDM in Israel

By Jun 20th, 2012 • Category: News, News not on the homepage

We visited Israel in early May before heading to Germany for Interzoo.  It was our first visit to Israel and we learned a lot.  The most important thing we learned is that Tel Aviv must have the best food in the world.  (And we don’t mean dog or cat food.)

SK & Eranit at dinner on the beach in Tel Aviv

Alon & Lior of My Pet with DW

Avshalom, Efrat & Isra of Amitay with SK

DW & Avishalom

SK with Eranit & Dudi of Dudi Agencies

DW in Dudi’s showroom

Dudi’s van – Eli at the wheel

Eli, Eranit & Dudi

Eranit, Eli & SK

Blackwood in a retailer – Derech Celevbi


DW & SK in Jerusalem


DW at the Kotel.


Hatzot – the original Jerusalem grill

SK & Oded of Pet Point

Oded & DW (learning to dress Israeli casual)

Dinner with Dudi, et al

Beer with the Evil Competition – Ricardo of Total Alimentos

SK with Tal of Talgal

DW and Amit (K-9 Solutions) visit a retailer

Kolbo – a ProNative retailer


DW & SK in Jaffa

SK and the “famous” hanging tree of Jaffa

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