GDM at Interzoo 2010 – the Photos!

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The Golladays' Posse

The fun side of the table (note SK still on phone)
SK working hard, even at dinner
SK – still hard at work!
Simon & DW
SK, Simmy, Simon, DW, & Ben
Jim, SK (no phone), and Russell
Matt makes a new friend
Hofbrauhaus in Munich


Shelley & Heather – Prost!
Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard …
At B+K
Taking Blue Tooth to another level
Angela & SK entertain Nuremberg
Italian Night!

Michael (a vulgar Australian), SK, DW, the proprietor, Dave Ratner, Angela, Victor, Desmond, and the Eminent Zia Ahmed (another vulgar Australian)

Toasting the Pizzas (they were good and we did not have sauerkraut, red cabbage, or potatoes all night!)

Victor & Angela
Victor & Angela
Michael & Angela
Angela & Michael (a vulgar Australian)
DW & Roman Chavez at the reception

DW & Chris at the Wine & Cheese Reception

Dave DeLorenzo & Jim Golladay at the Wine & Cheese Reception

Twins separated at birth?

dinner with Acana Polska
Blue Night in Nuremberg
Ben, SK, & Matt
Dave & the Eminent Mr. Zia Ahmed

Gorazd, Chelsea, & Urska

Jim, Matt, & Travis
Matt – doing what he does best
Michael, Chelsea, & Brett
Mr. Yap, Tiffany, Chris, & Raymond
SK & Hsien
SK, Mr. K, Jon, and Ben

The Vulgar Australians, Michael and the Eminent Mr. Zia Ahmed, with their disciple Brett

Travis, Matt, & Ben

Boguslav (Bob) of Acana Polska with a new friend

Ruth, our pet store tour guide, & DW


Dave DeLorenzo at Fressnapf
Ben, SK, & Matt on the pet store tour
1.2 million Euros! How many containers of dog food is that?
The Eminent Mr. Zia Ahmed & Ben back at the apartment.


Jon & Dave back at the apartment





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