Dudi & Eranit of Dudi Agencies Visit Blackwood

By Nov 22nd, 2011 • Category: News

Blackwood Pet Food was pleased to welcome Dudi & Eranit of Dudi Agencies, Blackwood’s Israeli distributor, when they visited in early November.

Doug provided an overview of the new Blackwood brand identity. In this photo: Matt, Dudi, Eranit, Doug, and DW

SK, Dudi, & Eranit

Dudi, Steak, and Big Smile

Dudi, Eranit, and steak Dudi, Eranit, SK, DW, & MG

Dudi, Eranit, SK, DW, & MG

Dudi, MG, & Eranit in the "new" Blackwood offices

Dudi, Mike McG, Eranit, Doug, MG, and DW at the Ohio Pet Foods facility

Dudi, Matt, & Travis in the "Toy Room."

SK, Eranit, and Order

Dudi, MG, & 'Vette

Buckled up and ready to go!

Dudi & Eranit experience Jewish-American culture

Eranit & SK make L'Chaim

Matt & Sara

Eranit learns how to deal with stress the GDM way

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